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When Anime Characters Attack

bring plenty of weapons

Good Morning USA: 4Kids Crack Roleplay Community
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OMS! OMS! 4Kids... We're Prolly Going To Hell For This...

=3 Hello folks. You're probably thinking 'OMS, 4Kids? -foam at mouth- Kill...'... well, yes, don't we all? But, that is besides the point of all this, as you will soon see. So don't start flaming me and going all 'OH MEGAMI-SAMA DIE!' Cause... that's not going to make me keel over instantaneously... anyway... on with the plot summary...

Plot: 4Kids has an ongoing history of violating and/or raping our favorite anime series that have, most times, only a smidgeon of child-friendliness in them. So, you can imagine, the characters of said animes would get a little beyond peeved. One day, they all officially got fed up with their American dubbers and rebelled. The unholy powers of 4Kids decided to end this rebellion swiftly by locking them all in a large house until they learned to be good little conformists for the kiddies. And so now the poor beloved anime characters are trapped in a large home together with no means of escape or weapons to assault the corporates. And thus our story begins...

Now, you know the basis behind this 4 AM insanity induced community. I suppose it's time for the very few rules that exist....

1. Not Bitching Policy... meaning, simply, if your character gets killed, violated, rejected and/or pwned, you can't bitch about it. Bitching is for losers, revenge is for winners.

2. When registering... please consider this is for 4Kids dubbed animes not for 4Kids made shows... there is a difference. And please avoid using made-ups... there are plenty of characters you can use. I'm not going to allow many made-ups, sorry... they just become aggravating.

3. Het/Shounen-ai/Shoujo-ai= all allowed... I'm all for all of it, and if you have a problem with slash or het even then don't join. More likely than not there's going to be all of this and more.

4. Don't be afraid... to show your dramatic side or wild side or maliciously violent side. This is crack roleplay, the more insanity, the better. That's the lovely freedom of it, after all. When it comes to what you can do, as love as you don't god-mod, there's no limits.

5. And last but not least... If you are easily offended, please pleasePLEASE</i> don't join. This isn't going to be kid-friendly, I can guarantee, and I doubt there's going to be any room for people who will whine or complain to me about what someone did that was inappropriate. Inappropriate doesn't exist here, learn that now and take it into consideration before signing up.

Now that that is done and over with, on to signing up...

To sign up, request a character not yet taken in the intro post.NOTE: PLEASE POST IN THE INTRO POST FIRST More likely than not, you'll be accepted. Then, create a character journal and then you can hop right into the fun. It's that simple.

Character List:

Shaman King(Mankin):

Lyserg Diethyl: (lyserg_oh_dear):Mod yo
Yoh Asakura: (yoh_asakura_)
Johann Faust VIII (faust__viii)


Yugi Mutou: (its_yugi_oh_my)
Ryuji Otogi: (um_otogi_yo): Mod yo

Pokemon/Pocket Monsters:
Satoshi: (omg_satoshi)(Journal up for grabs)

Yamato Ishida: (le_yamato)
Taichi Yagami: (its_taichi_yay)